Fees You Can Afford,
Without Surprises

We challenge you to find many other law firms that will disclose their fees online. We strive to be very transparent to avoid surprises.
Keep reading to learn how we do it. 

$200 Consultation

Free 15 Minute
Telephone Consultation

All new potential clients are offered a consultation for a reduced flat fee of $200. Consultations typically last 60 to 90 minutes. We can meet in our office or talk by telephone; whichever you prefer. This is our opportunity to discuss your legal issue, answer your questions, make recommendations, and discuss cost estimates.

If you aren't quite ready for a full consultation, we are happy to schedule a free 15 minute telephone consultation.


Affordable Hourly Rate

Many matters are billed hourly because it is often impossible to predict the exact amount of time necessary to deliver the best outcome for our clients. This is true for all business law firms. However, our hourly rate is more affordable than other business law firms, as shown below:

$245/hr.     Dustin Hurley   
$332/hr.     Industry Average (all practice areas)*    
$674/hr.     Corporate Lawyer Average**

*US average among all lawyers in small law firms (1-50 lawyers).
**US average among non-litigation corporate lawyers in law firms of any size.
-Based on 2014 national survey 


Cost Control

    Many law firms will pass certain costs to their clients as "case expenses."  We do not. Here are just a few examples of expenses that are no charge to our clients:

    • No charge for regular postage
    • No charge for regular copies
    • No charge for legal research subscriptions
    • No charge for administrative tasks
    • No charge for meals and other local expenses while traveling
    • No charge to review billing and prepare invoices

    Request an Estimate

    If you would like to request an estimate, send us an email now and we will gladly reply with an estimate.